Sweden’s milipede town

Contributor: S Robertson

Our 7 day tour of Arctic Sweden and the Ice Hotel is popular with South Africans for the opportunities that it allows to see the spectacular northern lights


Try out a variety of winter activities in the wilderness lodge in the Arctic circle where the tour is based.  Try out snowmobiling, dogsledding, ice-fishing and a snow shoe activity before transferring to the famous ice-hotel for the highlight of the tour on the final night.


What caught our eye while working on a booking this morning was an odd fact about the town of Kiruna, the starting point for this tour, and home to the northernmost airport in Sweden….


Kiruna is a mining town and a few years ago it became apparent that the town was beginning to sink.  Now known as Sweden’s millipede town, a decision was made a few years ago to move the town 2 miles to the east to firmer ground.  The Swedish government is not only moving the majority of the town’s 18 000 residents to the new location but is also transferring 21 of the towns heritage buildings too. The move will take place over the course of 20 years with some of the buildings being transported on trucks entirely intact while others will be dismantled brick by brick. Seven buildings were moved during 2017..

Arctic Sweden & the Icehotel


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