Gorillas and the Masai Mara

Contributor: S Robertson

Our Gorillas and the Masai Mara tour departure has always been a pricey but ultimate bucket list trip.

We have introduced a number of changes to the itinerary and while the trip is still one of our more expensive options the price has reduced significantly due to the decision to spend more time in Uganda for gorilla trekking where the permit costs are lower.


The tour begins with a visit to the famous Masai Mara, a vast grassland teeming with animals, before moving overland to Lake Naivasha and Lake Nakuru National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park and the Murchison Falls National Park.  The highlight of the trip is undoubtedly an hour with mountain gorillas in Bwindi Uganda and we have also introduced a chimpanzee trek in Budongo.


July to October departures offer the added highlight of falling within the East African Migration season.


The two week trip starts from R,47,000 per person.  Both camping and lodge accommodation options are now available…


Trip link: https://www.earthwanderer.co.za/tour/gorillas-masai-mara/

Gorillas & Masai Mara – Reverse


Gorillas & Masai Mara


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