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South America

South America

Lost civilisations, mist-shrouded mountains and (almost) impenetrable rainforest await

Tours in South America 

With lost cities, rainbow mountains, salt plains and extraordinary wildlife, our South America tours are filled with a wonder all of their own. From the Caribbean coast of Colombia to the glacial fjords of Patagonia, our South America trips cover an epic canvas and take in a riotous mix of culture and outstanding adventure trails.

There’s trekking in Chile; bird-watching in Guyana and the Galápagos; world-class heritage sites, such as Machu Picchu peaking through the cloud forest in Peru… and then there’s the Amazon. On Earth Wanderer’ South America trips, you will explore the biggest and most diverse ecosystem in the world – the stuff that holiday legends are made of. Choose one of our trekking adventures for a completely immersive experience, where you’ll not only spend time exploring the classic Inca Trail, you’ll also spend three nights camping deep within the Amazon Rainforest!

A big fan of wildlife? Our South America tours have this in abundance. The Galápagos encounters offer an experience like no other. There’s a high chance of spotting Galapagos penguins, Galapagos Giant tortoises, Whitetip reef sharks, Galapagos sea lions and Land & Marine iguanas. Snorkel equipment is provided free of charge on board the boat so you can see marine life up close. You’ll have to get your cameras at the ready to capture some truly incredible moments!

Add in Argentina’s deliciously smokey red wine and plate-sized steaks, and an adventure holiday in South America has all the ingredients for a trip like no other.