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A tapestry of outback, desert, ocean roads and, of course, the Great Barrier Reef

Adventure Holidays in Australia

One of the world’s great travel icons, Australia is an exciting destination for those seeking action and adventure. There’s the dusty, endless expanse of the Outback and the rainbow of life that lives around the Great Barrier Reef. There’s the verdant rainforests of Daintree and the palm-fringed beaches of Cape Tribulation, not to mention the shimmering Gold Coast. Then there’s the indigenous culture dating back 50,000 years; the all-but-forgotten Outback towns; shining new cities; a vibrant youth culture; and world-class eating and dining. 

Australia is vast, and yet one of the least densely populated places on Earth, with landscapes so wild and varied as to include multiple climatic and time zones. Australia holidays may involve an epic journey, but it’s one that’s well worth taking.