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United States

Canyons, campfires and cowboys – this is a landscape that still has its wild side

Tours in the United States

United States holidays with Earth Wanderer are big, bold, all-American adventures. We journey into the heart of some of the country’s justly famous national parks to fully immerse you in the remarkable scenery, or into the Deep South to discover the homeland of the Delta blues. Just about everything in the USA is on a huge scale, so it’s easy to escape the crowds.The north also boasts one of the greatest wilderness areas in the world: Alaska. The sheer size of the state is daunting; its total area is over 1,000,000 sq km, yet there are only about 500,000 permanent residents. Alaska contains more than 5000 glaciers, including one the size of Switzerland, and vast areas of uninhabited wilderness. It is by far the USA’s largest state and includes expansive empty tundra plains, mountains, glaciers, rivers and forests, as well as a fascinating history. Our United States tours really are epic adventures. 

Historic Route 66
Historic Route 66 Travel down the American west's Mother Road on one of the world's most famous journeys
Alaskan Highlights
Alaskan Highlights From glaciers to grizzly bears, see the natural wonders of America's largest and wildest state, Alaska
Best of the Rockies
Best of the Rockies Cross international borders and Continental Divides as you explore one of the world's most famous mountain ranges
Best of the West
Best of the West Explore the Crown Jewel of the National Parks System; Yosemite, Gand Canyon & Yellowstone.
Western Dream
Western Dream Travel through some of USA's most beautiful national parks