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Lose yourself in a world of primordial forests, glorious glistening lakes and towering peaks

Our Canada Tours

Pioneers have long been drawn to trips to Canada’s prairies and canyons – finding lakes, forests, mountains and a rich diversity of wildlife. Adventure holidays in Canada are the stuff of legend, particularly the Canadian Rocky Mountains, a huge wilderness area offering trekkers numerous route choices on its extensive network of hiking trails.

Our Canada tours offer some of the world’s most impressive backdrops, and give you the opportunity for rafting, hiking, biking and canoeing; for exploring canyons, glaciers, mountain passes and the brilliant waters of Lake Louise. Trekking in the Rockies also provides great opportunities for wildlife viewing. All in all, trips to Canada are holidays you’ll never forget.

Best of the Rockies
Best of the Rockies Cross international borders and Continental Divides as you explore one of the world's most famous mountain ranges
Canadian Adventure Family Holiday
Canadian Adventure Family Holiday This diverse family holiday is the perfect outdoor adventure with a chance to raft, canoe, hike and bike amongst some of Canada’s most breathtaking scenery.
Canadian Rockies
Canadian Rockies See the best of the Rockies on this exciting tour through Western Canada