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Middle East

The cradle of civilisation is a must for adventure seekers with an eye on history

Tours in the Middle East

Middle East holidays are magical. Here you can camp under desert stars, float on the salt-heavy waters of the Dead Sea and visit the ancient wonders of the world. On our Middle East trips, unimaginable treasures, dramatic landscapes and awesome adventures await…

From the ancient rock art of the Sahara to the pyramids and temples of Egypt, to the classical remains of Jordan, Middle East tours tingle with history. Soak in the landscape of the Nile Valley while floating on a traditional felucca; enjoy some of the world’s most spectacular desert scenery in Wadi Rum; or get lost in atmospheric souks and walled towns. Whatever adventure you choose, a journey to the Middle East will make for a memorable holiday. This is a region of powerful diversity and, with the promise of year-round sunshine just a four-hour flight from London, it’s the perfect winter sun destination.