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Whether you want summertime fjords, snowy skiing spots or Arctic adventures, Norway has it all

Tours in Norway

This is wild country: whether you prefer a summer holiday to see the emerald and jade shimmer of the world-famous Norwegian fjords; choose to begin your adventure in winter to cross-country ski across pristine snow; or even journey far north into the clutches of the unforgiving and unimaginably beautiful Arctic, trips to Norway are about the landscape. Indeed, the country’s national anthem says it all:

“Rising storm-scarr’d from the ocean,Where the breakers foam…”

With fewer than five million inhabitants, the country is sparsely populated, leaving huge stretches of wild, frozen scenery ready to be explored on Norway trips. This is the birthplace of skiing, and to glide across the frozen lakes, ancient forests and secluded valleys borders on a rite of passage for all snow devotees.