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Get off the beaten track in this scenic corner of Europe

Tours in Serbia

Serbia is a melting pot of cultures, a place where many different communities live together along the banks of the Danube River – the lifeblood of this fascinating country. It’s a culturally rich and proud nation, for centuries influenced by both the East and the West in equal measures. Often misunderstood, it is a land of long-held traditions, with a strong national identity and a complex history.

Earth Wanderer Serbia tours delve into life here, and reveal the country’s compelling diversity. Visit vibrant Belgrade and historical Novi Sad, stop at wine cellars and traditional wineries, see UNESCO World Heritage Sites and the stunning Uvac Special Nature Reserve, and take the chance to ride the famous Šargan Eight train. There’s the magnificent Golubac Fortress and the beautiful natural landscape of the Djerdap National Park, home to the country’s most spectacular geographical feature, the Djerdap Gorge. Follow the winding Danube through the heart of the country, passing verdant alpine meadows, impenetrable forests, glittering limestone caves, remote monasteries and sleepy traditional villages.