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The heart of Central America is shaped by smouldering volcanoes, lush rainforest and ancient Mayan culture

Tours in Guatemala

Epic trekking routes through the jungle, white-water rafting, miles of caves and countless zip-lining opportunities: adventurers are spoilt for choice on Guatemala trips. With Earth Wanderer you can hike through traditional Indian villages, coffee plantations and cloud forest, and walk to the lava fields of the active Pacaya volcano and to the steaming crater of Cerro Quemado. 

Plus, there are more than 1000 classified Mayan sites to explore on Guatemala tours; the Mayans dedicated an immense amount of time to erecting giant monuments of stone, in the form of temples, pyramids and palaces. All this in a country with a wonderful coastline, fantastic forests and dramatic volcanoes overlooking Lake Atitlan, which the local people proudly claim as the most beautiful lake in the world.