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Rum, revolutionaries and salsa rhythms: Cuba’s allure is impossible to resist

Our Cuba Tours

Trips to Cuba are a visual feast. Classic cars rumble along cobbled streets in between huge, crumbling colonial mansions. The white sandy beaches are perfect to relax and unwind, but delve a little deeper with our Cuba tours and you’ll find a fascinating culture born of a tumultuous, revolutionary history – and a proud people keen to share their identity and nation with you.

The perfect way is to find a tiny, hot taverna down a side street, where the salsa rhythms spill out onto the streets and the locals dance the night away. Order the best mojito of your life and throw yourself into the music – you’ll be making new friends in no time on our Cuba trips.

A Taste of Cuba
A Taste of CubaA lively cultural week featuring the Island's must-see highlights and traditional homestays