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A haven for biodiversity, weird and wonderful wildlife and something the locals call ’pura vida’…

Adventure Holidays in Costa Rica

Discover the full spectrum of Costa Rica’s wildlife – for this gloriously diverse ecosystem accounts for 5% of the world’s plant and animal species – through a range of activities on your Costa Rica tour: zip line through the mist-shrouded canopies of the cloud forest, where howler monkeys’ roars resonate around the hills, or glide through the tranquil canals of Tortuguero National Park. On summer trips to Costa Rica, you might even see green turtle hatchlings scramble across the beach towards the Caribbean Sea…. Oh, and did we mention the beach? Costa Rica holidays are for those who have a true love of nature, and many of the places we visit are privately owned lodges, set up to protect the land and to enable the visitor to enjoy the wildlife, concentrating particularly on only permitting small groups at any one time.

Costa Rica Adventures for busy professionals

Boy, do we love Costa Rica. And while it’s great if you can dedicate several weeks to travelling through this incredible country, for busy professionals in their 30s and 40s, time just doesn’t usually allow for such epic explorations. Our Earth Wanderer Edits collection and adventure holidays in Costa Rica have been carefully designed to be mini on time but maxi on thrills. Join other travellers like you and discover Costa Rica together, pushing your boundaries and achieving things you never thought possible.