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Unleash your adventurous side in a place where wilderness still thrives, nomads roam and the desert sings

Tours in Mongolia

Mongolia is a place of legend. It’s known by its inhabitants as ‘land of the blue sky’, for the sky is cloudless for more than two-thirds of the year. It’s also the land of Genghis Khan, perhaps the world’s fiercest warrior – and longest continuous ruler – whose empire stretched from here to Venice.

It’s the land of the Gobi Desert (meaning ‘waterless place’), known for its sweeping dunes and rare animals such as the argali, ibex and snow leopard. Once the stomping ground of dinosaurs, this arid place has turned up the world’s richest caches of dinosaur fossils and remains. And the country is famed for its horses and horsemanship, too. With a population of 2.2 million people, the ratio of equine beasts to human inhabitants is almost 1:1. Almost half of Mongolians live pastoral lifestyles little-changed for millennia.

Cycling in Mongolia
Cycling in Mongolia Cycle through the Mongolian wilderness - nomadic ger camps, steppes and forests