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Japan is the harmonious coexistence of old and new, where technology and tradition merge

Tours in Japan

Our Japan tours are sure to ignite any traveller’s wanderlust. It is a place simultaneously steeped in centuries of highly revered traditions and a pioneering force at the cutting-edge of technology and innovation, hurtling at breakneck speed towards the future. 

The cities are mesmerising, with Kyoto’s haven of temples, shrines and gardens, or downtown Tokyo’s kaleidoscope of colourful adverts and bustling streets. But trips to Japan should be about balance, and all our Japan trips take in its phenomenal natural beauty, from the perfect cone of Mount Fuji to the near-magical onsens, or thermal pools, that dot the countryside. 

Look through our trips in Japan below and find a balance that suits you.

Cycling in Japan
Cycling in JapanCycle the land of the Samurai; temples, geishas and incredible Tokyo and Kyoto