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Measure your adventure in happiness gained, clifftop monasteries seen and dance festivals experienced 

Tours in Bhutan

The secretive kingdom of Bhutan is an unforgettable destination steeped in ancient traditions, spectacular mountain scenery and vibrant festivals. But nothing is more sacred than Taktsang Monastery, the Tiger’s Nest. Built in the 1692 – at 3000m above sea level – it’s a place of pure tranquility. Guru Rinpoche may have flown here on a tigress’ back, but you’ll have to climb the many steps. This tiny mountain kingdom is a land of great beauty, and you can’t have a holiday in Bhutan without taking part in one of the many celebrations that explode into life throughout the year, complete with dancing, music, elaborate costumes and rituals. Paro in March and Thimphu in October are perhaps the most well known, and worth planning a trip around.  

On Bhutan holidays you’ll be surrounded by awesome scenery – steep forested hills and misty mountains rising from fast-flowing rivers – and a facinating culture. It’s part of the Himalaya, and the traditional way of life survives unchanged by the passage of time. The superb dzongs (or fortresses, to you and me) dotted in the valleys and on hilltops are full of priceless religious artifacts and many are still active monasteries. It may be one of the world’s poorest places, but the people here are some of the happiest. Gross National Happiness is a government policy infused into everyday life. Why not join us on one of our Bhutan tours this year?