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Home to a source of the longest river on Earth, equatorial rainforest and, of course, primates

Tours in Uganda

Many people refer to Uganda as the ‘real’ Africa and it is easy to see why. Stunning scenery, friendly people, primates and fantastic activities combine to make Uganda holidays an exciting prospect for adventure travellers. The country is also a gateway to Rwanda – home of the magnificent yet endangered mountain gorillas. 

A cruel legacy of internecine warfare had left Uganda with bleak tourism prospects; however, firm government has made the country a jewel in East Africa’s tourism crown. The source of the White Nile, Lake Victoria provides one of the the best one-day white-water rafting on this or any other continent. And there’s a good infrastructure too, which makes travelling easy despite the distances being long. Relaxing areas of Lake Bunyonyi ensure Uganda trips are filled with contrasts.