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There’s nowhere else like it – bizarre wildlife and strange rock formations make this island unique

Tours in Madagascar

A Madagascar holiday is not just about the lemurs. But we have to admit, they are a bit of a favourite of ours. About 80% of the flora and fauna here is endemic to the island  – located off the coast of Mozambique in the Indian Ocean – a simply staggering statistic. Madagascar holidays are a wildlife lover’s dream. To walk in the forests of Perinet and Ranomafana searching for the howling Indri or the endearing ring-tailed lemur is hugely rewarding.

Along the way, the smaller creatures are equally fascinating: the colourful chameleons and frogs, beautiful orchids and butterflies plus all manner of weird and wonderful insects, from the praying mantis to stick insects. And then there’s the stunning coastline, French-style Creole cuisine, and the dramatic and rocky national park of Isalo. 

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