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Fall under the spell of the mighty pharaohs’ legacy

Tours in Egypt

As one of the largest and most iconic wonders of the world and a “must visit” travel destination, Egypt is a location that should be on every adventurers list – and our Egypt holidays can help you tick it off.

Throughout history, its cultural wonders have attracted travellers, archaeologists and treasure hunters, from the famous sites of ancient Thebes and Aswan to the mighty architectural feats of Cairo. Our Egypt tours are shaped by the country’s glorious past; you will learn all about the pharaohs and marvel at the Pyramids, but with Earth Wanderer you could also be cruising along the Nile in a spectacular five-star boat, exploring the less-visited temples of Upper Egypt or sailing a traditional felucca.

When you board one of our exquisite cruises on your trip to Egypt, you will experience an array of sights like no other. As we travel upstream together, you’ll be able to watch the locals go about their normal daily lives as well as visit the breath-taking Edfu and Kom Ombo temples. With lush green banks and stunning sunsets over the Nile, this adventure holiday in Egypt is an unforgettable experience.