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Explore 4 countries by bike. This trip takes us on a journey through four relatively undiscovered Balkan states. Still not established on the tourist map, we cycle through spectacular mountain scenery and enjoy the warm local hospitality in the rural areas. Starting in Albania you first head to the UNESCO town of Ohrid, continuing anticlockwise you work your way through …

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From: R 37000

Discover Macedonia and get a taste of Bulgaria and Kosovo Discover the rich history of Bulgaria, Macedonia and Kosovo, where influences from the East and West collide. This trip showcases some of the cultural highlights of a less visited region of the Balkans, famous for ancient civilisations, UNESCO world heritage monasteries and the vibrant, laidback capital cities of Sofia and …

Destinations: Europe
From: R 25600

Cycle through Macedonia and North Albania, the last hidden gems of Europe. The border lands of Northern Albania and Western Macedonia are truly one of the last hidden gems of Europe. Sweeping gorges are carved by crystal blue waters that flow into tranquil lakes, whilst rocky peaks and plateaux rise high above the lush green landscape. Ancient villages, rarely visited …

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Destinations: Europe
From: R 18600