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Cycle through historic sights of ancient Greece When it comes to history, archeology and mythology, the Peloponnese is arguably the most interesting part of Greece. Our week of cycling is a journey through fascinating classical history and a superb variety of landscapes, from the azure blue of the sea to the green olive trees and vineyards of the heart of …

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From: R 22800

Explore the secret paths of Vikos–Aoos National Park and Meteora on foot Unknown to most of the world, both beautiful and unspoiled, the Zagori area is one of the best walking regions in Greece. Learn more about the myths and stories of the area, observe the unique flora and fauna and taste the delicious local cuisine. Walk amongst traditional stone …

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Discover three idyllic Greek islands The Greek islands have much more to offer than most would think: archaeological treasures, history, culture, dramatic landscapes overlooking an azure coloured sea and, of course, delicious food. Our week starts on the beautiful island of Naxos, before heading to Santorini and Paros. Exploring the irresistible island of Santorini on foot will certainly be the …

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Walk on an authentic Greek island The delightful island of Evia is a real hidden treasure, with old stone paths connecting quaint villages tucked away in the mountains. This walkers’ paradise offers unique history and an authentic atmosphere in the local towns and villages. Roman quarries, aqueducts and Byzantine churches are visited and in the summer there is plenty of …

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From: R 17100

Journey through Greece’s thousands of years of history and major UNESCO Worldwide Heritage sites. Starting in the capital city Athens, we’ll visit some of the most significant archaeological sites in the country, including the Acropolis, Ancient Mycenae and Epidaurus. We’ll also visit the mediaeval castle town of Mystras, Ancient Olympia, where the first Olympic Games took place, Delphi, where heaven …

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