It’s easy to see why – a well preserved cultural heritage, open borders and efficient infrastructure makes visiting Europe a breeze, and rarely will you have to travel more than a few hours before you can immerse yourself in a new culture, and dive into a different phrasebook. Although it is the world’s smallest continent in land surface area, there are profound differences between the cultures and ways of life in its countries.

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Offering a stunning yet dominant backdrop to the region is the UNESCO Dolomites, their jagged rock walls overlook the deep green meadows, acres of fragrant apple orchards and, further south, the lush vineyards of Trentino below. As its double-barrelled name suggests, the region is made up of two areas: Trentino, in the south, is 98% Italian-speaking, whilst the mountainous terrain …

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Provence is a place whose natural light and landscapes have served as inspiration to such iconic figures as Van Gogh, Cezanne, Picasso and Dumas (not to mention Peter Mayle!), and this 6 night holiday has been designed to give you a taste of the famous hilltop villages which dot its breath-taking, lavender-scented Luberon region. On this six night holiday you’ll …

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This relaxed walk follows in part the route St James took en route to Compostela, and covers a gently rolling landscape of forests, farmlands, river valleys and fields full of poppies. Highlights include ancient Auxerre, mediaeval UNESCO-listed Vezelay and Chablis, renowned for its famous wines! Starting in mediaeval Auxerre, one of the prettiest riverside cities in France, this gentle-paced ramble …

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Experience the best bits of an unspoilt European gem where mountains rise dramatically from warm coastal waters, a UNESCO listed national park reveals the worlds second deepest canyon and waterside Venetian towns await discovery. Our twin-centre walking week is a glorious and contrasting mix. Starting in the mountainous north, we explore first the vast Durmitor National Park, with its glacial …

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This 8-night cycling holiday really gets under the skin of Burgundy: its people, its villages, its waterways and, of course, its world-famous wines. The days have been specially designed to allow for lazy riverside lunches, gastronomic pit-stops and plenty of wine tastings! This eight night tour provides a real connoisseur’s guide to Burgundy: the wines, the towns and the strategic …

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Gentle, relaxing 6-night cycling holiday through traditional french villages and the vineyards of Burgundy. Lots of wine tasting opportunities of world-famous wines along your route! Starting with historic Auxerre, a lovely mediaeval city, the cycling is easy and tranquil through a fascinating landscape of hidden villages, water meadows, woodlands and vineyards. Your route then takes you along the course of …

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The world-famous wine region of Burgundy has over nine centuries of bon viveur tradition and is often described as ‘the land of great art and good living’. Starting with historic Auxerre, a lovely mediaeval city, the cycling is easy and tranquil through a fascinating landscape of hidden villages, water meadows, woodlands and vineyards. Your route then takes you along the …

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Bavaria is simply stunning – criss-crossed by beautiful rivers that meander through deep valleys, contrast dark Alpine forest, pretty towns and villages are home to quaint traditional inns and eateries, and onion-domed church towers peep above lush green meadows. This eight-night holiday takes you on a stunning journey, following the well-marked Jurasteig path, through the rich Bavarian countryside, covering riverside …

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Discover vibrant, historic cities and beautiful countryside in the heart of Europe Poland has come and gone from the map of Europe many times over the centuries, the battle line between East and West. Today it is a beautiful country full of history and a proud people, keen to show off their country’s individuality and culture. Our journey starts in …

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This 10-night cycling tour combines fabulously unspoilt Chianti countryside with the chance to visit the world-famous cities of Florence and Siena. This ten night holiday has been carefully crafted to cleverly balance cultural highlights and historic treasures with natural beauty and stunningly scenic cycling. It’s a perfect choice too if you like the idea of combining timeless countryside cycling with …

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The Algarve is rich in culture and diversity. If you are looking for fast paced resorts or a calm tranquil setting either is attainable. The entire region is approx.5400sq km and is graced with over 100 different beaches.

Austrian Alps


The capital and largest city of both England and of the United Kingdom, it is also the largest city in Western Europe and the European Union. Situated on the River Thames in South-East England, Greater London has an official population of a little over 8 million. Considered one of the world’s leading “global cities”, London remains an international capital of culture, music, education, fashion, politics, finance and trade.

It is located between Ios and Anafi islands. It is famous for dramatic views, stunning sunsets from Oia town, the strange white aubergine (eggplant), the town of Thira and naturally its very own active volcano.

Zermatt is surrounded by a range of fabulous mountains, among which the highest of Switzerland: Monte Rosa, but it is famous for the Matterhorn. It was one of the last alpine mountains to be conquered (in 1865), and the first expedition that reached the top ended dramatically (only 3 of the 7 climbers survived).