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Explore rural Laos by bike Laos, known as the land of a million smiles, boasts stunning mountainous landscape and a laid back atmosphere, the result of a long isolation from its neighbours. Our route takes us through some spectacular scenery, from narrow roads shaded by jungle vines to shimmering rice paddies and mountains which are home to a mix of …

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Four fascinating countries in three short weeks  With stunning scenery, ancient monuments and charming, laid back towns the region of South East Asia is a traveller’s paradise. Visiting Myanmar, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam we are provided with an insight into a patchwork of culture and history that makes this trip incredibly varied. We ensure we visit some remote and rural …

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The ultimate discovery of South East Asia Long lines of saffron robed monks on their alms round at dawn, the luscious green of Vietnam’s paddy fields, the shy smile of school children in Luang Prabang: it’s the small day-to-day things that make this an unforgettable trip. Not that the bigger things won’t wow too – Angkor Wat, Bangkok’s Grand Palace, …

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