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5 countries, 3 weeks, 1 epic trip on the Silk Road, accompanied by National Geographic’s George Kourounis  This is a special photography departure (July 20th 2019) and will be hosted by National Geographic Explorer, TV presenter and photographer George Kourounis, who will be at hand to swap adventure stories, provide tips and training on photography techniques to capture the exotic …

Destinations: Asia

Epic journey through the heart of Central Asia from post-Soviet monuments to exquisit Silk Road era mosques and from deserts dotted with camels to mountain pastures dotted with yurts. Vast deserts, rolling steppe, fertile valleys and majestic mountains form the backdrop to the five former Soviet republics of Central Asia which are commonly known as the five Stans. Amongst this …

Destinations: Asia
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Discover the natural and cultural highlights of the Silk Road in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. For centuries great caravans of merchants made their way through deserts, across steppes and over mountains, creating trade routes between the great civilisations of the Mediterranean and China. Art and religion spread both East and West and grand cities with impressive architecture sprouted alongside nomadic …

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Destinations: Asia
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