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Search for Orang-utans, Komodo dragons and more of Indonesia’s endemic wildlife. ‘Here there be dragons’ goes the old cartographer’s adage, and in Indonesia there are, with forked tongues, poisonous saliva and scaly bodies. Tracking Komodo dragons in the archipelago of the same name is just one of the experiences this vast country offers us on this two week trip through …

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Cycle up volcanoes, through rice paddies and jungles and past villages in Bali and Java. Active volcanoes tower over rice paddies and coffee plantations. Jungles fringe tropical beaches on the edge of coral-rich waters. Village and temples dot the landscape where age-old traditions are still followed today. This is the backdrop through which we cycle up to craters and down …

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Explore Central Indonesia’s ancient temples and smoldering volcanoes on this journey through Java, Bali and Lombok. Rice paddies give way to luxuriant jungles which coat towering volcanoes. Ancient Buddhist and Hindu temples bear witness to old and still vibrant cultures and traditions. The longest archipelago in the world made up of over 17,500 beach-fringed tropical islands, this is Indonesia. We …

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