Cuba is back!

Contributor: Sarah B

Earth Wanderer is excited to announce the relaunch of our Cuba tours, effective March 2019. Cuba was one of our top destination in 2016 but due to a licencing issue in 2018 when our partners, Exodus Travels, were bought by a USA company, tours were withdrawn.

We are proud to be bringing back our top selling tour on the island – A taste of Cuba. This 8 day culture tour starts and ends in the vibrant city of Havana, where you will be visiting four UNESCO World Heritage Site, including the Vinales Valley, Old Havana and the colourful colonial towns of Cienfuegos and Trinidad. Whilst on this journey, you will also discover Cuba’s fascinating history, learning how to dance the Cuban salsa like the locals and making the perfect Mojito!

A Taste of Cuba





We will also be selling a brand new cycling tour called Cuban Highlights ride. On this 8 day tour, you will be cycling through luxurious Cuban
countryside, colourful colonial towns and quiet coastal roads where the  waters of the Carribean awaits you.





Cuban Highlights Ride







So what are you waiting for? Cuba is calling on you…

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