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Wildlife Holidays

From the Arctic to the African savannah, nothing beats the thrill of being breathtakingly close to some of the world’s most incredible wildlife.

It’s the splash of seawater from a whale’s tail, stepping into a bear’s snowy footprint, canoeing past a jaguar basking on a riverbank, or waking up to the sound of trumpeting elephants. They’re wildlife encounters you’ll never forget. Then there are the Komodo dragons in Indonesia and the orang-utans of Borneo…

Discover Darwin’s enchanted isles on a Galapagos cruise, look into the amber orbs of a Bengal tiger in India, or go on safari to catch the Great Migration thundering across the mighty Mara River. These are the kind of life-changing moments you can an expect on one of our wildlife trips.

Galapagos & Amazon
Galapagos & AmazonEcuador's contrasting ecosystems, from the Amazon jungle to the Galapagos archipelago
Wild Finland
Wild Finland A week in the magical Finnish wilderness searching for Brown bears 
Wild Sri Lanka
Wild Sri LankaSri Lanka's wild side, from national parks to the ocean in this tropical paradise
Premium Tanzania Safari
Premium Tanzania SafariSee the Big 5 in Tanzania's most captivating National Parks and Conservation Areas; the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, Tarangire and Lake Manyara.