Earth Wanderer is a proudly South African travel company specialising in responsible travel tours, international adventures, active holidays, wildlife encounters, food adventures and experimentally focused local trips. They have also recently launched a corporate travel management offering specialising in travel arrangements up into Africa.

Founder Sarah Robertson has 18 years of experience in the travel industry where she consulted for over 6 years at Pentravel and Exclusive Getaways.  During Sarah’s time at Singapore Airlines she was promoted from the role of Passenger Sales Executive to the National Corporate Sales Executive where she revamped and grew corporate business for the airline.  Sarah also ran the Malaysia Airlines Johannesburg Station for 2 years in her role as Gauteng Sales Manager before moving to established local tour operator Travel Vision in the role of National Sales and Marketing Manager.  Sarah has been a travel business owner for 3 years, establishing her latest venture Earth Wanderer during 2017.  Sarah is also a well known and prolifically published travel writer and has produced two travel themed radio shows to date.  She holds a BCom in Marketing Management and a Diploma in Travel and Tourism and has completed numerous international sales focused courses in both Singapore and Malaysia.

Sarah is passionate about travel and has visited over 30 countries.  She is an avid hiker having summitted Mount Kinabalu in Borneo, completed the Head Hunter’s trail, hiked the Fjords of Norway and the South of Thailand. South Africa’s majestic Drakensberg mountains, however, remain one of her favourite hiking regions in the world.  Sarah loves to don her well-worn hiking boots and set out to explore a country’s natural splendour on foot.  She is also mad on food, proudly claiming to eat everything that doesn’t move (and even some things that did move in Vietnam).  She relishes tasting traditional dishes from different countries while travelling and from the comforts of her own kitchen where she loves to cook.  These experiences all led her on a path to discover responsible travel touring where clients immerse themselves in the local cultures that they visit with assistance from passionate local leaders, experiences of local food and transport and a move towards incorporating non-motorised experiences such as biking, kayaking or hiking in each trip.

There are not one but two Sarah’s in the Earth Wanderer team.. we like to think that Sarah’s are the very best people to work with.  Sarah Barber has worked with Earth Wanderer since its inception starting out with the company through an internship programme and later being promoted to the role of reservations consultant.  Sarah studied Travel and Tourism after school and gained experience in the corporate travel market during her tenure at Wings Corporate Travel.  She is also an avid traveller having visited numerous countries in both Europe and Asia.  A trip to Finland to see the Northern Lights will be her latest adventure.

Earth Wanderer is a listed agent for numerous DMCs and operators around the world and is able to offer a large range of scheduled departure tours and tailor-made itineraries to well-traversed and off the beaten track locations around the world.  We sell travel on all 7 continents.  As a broking partner of Tourvest, one of the largest travel companies in South Africa our rates are also excellent which is advantageous for both our leisure and corporate clients.  We also offer sales services for a number of international adventure brands in South Africa including Exodus Travels, G Adventures and Intrepid Travel.

“Travel, like education, is something that settles on you and enriches the way that you see the world.  These experiences, unlike material possessions can never be taken away from you, from the simple joy of stepping onto a tropical island’s bleached sand beaches or enjoying a sunset in a remote and unexplored location to the greater understanding and acceptance of other cultures that develops when exposed to diversity.

Travel when you are happy – your joy from exploring new places will be double-fold,
Travel when you are sad – new experiences will demonstrate how small your daily worries are in comparison to other people’s around the world,
Travel when you are young – embrace the wisdom of different cultures in your personal journey through life,
Travel when you are old – delight in the comforts that your life’s hard work has brought you,Travel whenever and wherever you can..”
Sarah R